Testing and Nutrient Therapies for Kids

Detailed results with Doctor guided scoliosis-specific treatment options

ScoliSMART BootCamp & ScoliSMART Activity Suit

The innovative, non-invasive alternative scoliosis therapy.

Patient Results

Measurable curve reduction, improved quality of life, and pain relief.

Pain Management

Advanced long-lasting pain relief specific to scoliosis pain

Testing & Nutrient Therapies for Adults

Detailed results with Doctor guided scoliosis-specific treatment options

ScoliSMART Activity Suit

Reduces scoliosis pain and improves spinal curvature in adults

Adult BootCamp

The innovative, non-invasive alternative scoliosis therapy for adults

Patient Results

Measurable curve reduction, improved quality of life, and pain relief.

Treat the WHOLE scoliosis condition, as well as the spinal curve.

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Nutrition for Scoliosis:

Everybody knows diet has an important impact on your health. The same is true for those living with the scoliosis condition. The information in this article will change how you think (and eat) if you or a loved one has idiopathic scoliosis.

Scoliosis Symptoms:

The spinal curve associated with scoliosis is just one of many symptoms of scoliosis. Genetic deficiencies, neurotransmitter imbalances, bone health issues, and hormone problems are also part of the overall scoliosis condition. This article discusses the WHOLE scoliosis condition, not only the spine curves.

Scoliosis Surgery:

Is scoliosis life threatening? Is fusion surgery for scoliosis worth the risks? What are the risks of long-term complications? This article focuses on an up-to-date discussion on these topics and much more.

Moderate to Severe Scoliosis:

8 out of 10 patients diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis will not progress to moderate or severe scoliosis. Unfortunately, for the 20% of patients with advanced scoliosis, the treatment options are often limited. Learn about ALL of your scoliosis treatment op

Scoliosis Causes:

“Idiopathic scoliosis” indicates an unknown cause, but science is still learning a lot about it. Genetic, hormone, neurotransmitter, and bone health scoliosis research are forming a much clearer picture about the cause of scoliosis. Check out this current and up-to-date article!

Scoliosis Treatment:

How has treatment for scoliosis evolved over the past several decades? Does the new focus on scoliosis exercise and supplements for scoliosis represent a new approach for treating scoliosis? Check out this current and factually accurate article.

Mild Scoliosis:

For many parents and patients, mild scoliosis of the spine is a shocking and unsettling diagnosis. Will it get worse? Does it need treatment? This article tackles all of those tough questi

Scoliosis Do’s and Don’ts:

What should you or your child do if they have scoliosis? More importantly, what should they avoid if they have scoliosis? This article provides lists for both.

Scoliosis Exercises:

Which exercises for scoliosis really work? What is “reflexive response” scoliosis rehabilitation and how does it create a new “posture memory”? This groundbreaking article has it all!

Adult Scoliosis:

Scoliosis is a lifelong journey for many adults with scoliosis. Every stage of life has new and different challenges and needs. Learn about how you can start living your best life with scoliosis in this article.

Scoliosis Prevention:

What do all large spine curves have in common? They all started out as mild scoliosis curves first. Scoliosis rehabilitation, genetic testing and scoliosis-specific nutrition are preventing scoliosis from getting worse. Check out this forward-looking article.

Genetic Testing for Scoliosis:

Scoliosis DNA testing is an incredible breakthrough using the most advanced technology to determine the causes of scoliosis. This article discusses the potential for scoliosis genetic testing & nutrient therapies leading to a

What is Scoliosis?

Most people know about the spinal curve, but do you know about the idiopathic scoliosis condition itself? The comprehensive information in this article will change the way you think (and see) the scoliosis condition itself.

How Old is the Patient?

How Old is the Patient?