a better way to treat scoliosis

Non-invasive options offer a better way to treat scoliosis by focusing on the whole scoliosis condition and not only the curve.

Receiving a scoliosis diagnosis for your child is downright scary. Discussions surrounding surgery, rigid bracing, or the “wait-and-see” approach can be emotionally exhausting and completely overwhelming.

Thankfully, there is a highly effective, research-based non-invasive option for Scoliosis treatment for your child. The ScoliSMART Approach treatment program developed by the expert doctors at ScoliSMART produces the best results.

Results that:

  • Can reduce spine curvature
  • Do not include rigid bracing or surgery
  • Are NOT disruptive to your child
  • Dramatically improve your child’s quality of life with scoliosis

Our approach for you and your child is simple and life-changing: we treat the whole scoliosis condition and not only the curve.

Utilizing the latest research on scoliosis treatment, our approach not only prevents your child’s curve from worsening but in many cases, reduces their curve. The ScoliSMART Approach includes ScoliSMART BootCamp, an at-home treatment plan that inspires your child to take control of their scoliosis, and information and testing options explaining how your child’s DNA, neurotransmitters, and hormones affect their curve.

You have an option for your child’s scoliosis that is non-invasive and doesn’t limit their energy and independence.

A BootCamp like no other.

There’s no question that fusion surgery is the most invasive treatment option for scoliosis. In addition, “minimally-invasive” surgery, (is any back surgery minimally-invasive?) full-time rigid bracing and Schroth exercises disrupt your child’s daily living while providing negligible, long-term curve correction.

Yet, this is a typical recommendation for kids diagnosed with scoliosis. As parents, we know what kind of toll any of these options can take on an adolescent and their family. Swirling hormones, feeling the need to look a certain way, and “fit in” are major concerns for pre-teens. Adding in a rigid brace that needs to be worn 18-23 hours per day, as well as time-consuming physical therapy appointments can completely derail a teen. In addition, bracing can decrease your child’s lung and oxygen capacity, especially as they grow.

With a strong commitment to your child’s quality of life, ScoliSMART doctors developed the ScoliSMART BootCamp program. Designed to provide the best results in the least amount of time, the 5-10 day camps combine exercise, therapy, and one-on-one consultation that can prevent curve progression and actually reduce the curve of the spine. BootCamps also give kids something even more important – the self-confidence and self-sufficiency to complete a daily home routine that positively affects them in the long term.

Your child’s ability to have a sense of control over their diagnosis is priceless.

Even better? Our results are proven. In a recent study, 93% of ScoliSMART patients did not reach the surgical threshold after completing the BootCamp and staying diligent with their home exercises. For 12-year-old Angie, the results were incredible. After two weeks in an initial BootCamp, one additional camp after six months, and a total of 14 months of home exercise, she experienced an 80% reduction in her spine curvature, moving from 29 degrees to 6 degrees. Parents, just like yourself, have shared their child’s results, including their child’s increased self-confidence after participation.

“When we arrived (at ScoliSMART boot camp) her curvature was at 33 degrees… when she finished BootCamp, her curvature was at 5 degrees.” Tina B. parent

Testing and nutrition improve outcomes

The ScoliSMART BootCamps are not the only non-invasive treatment option for kids with scoliosis. More and more research links genetic, neurotransmitter, hormone, and bone health abnormalities with scoliosis. Leaders in the field of scoliosis treatment and research, ScoliSMART experts have found that combining scoliosis-specific DNA and neurotransmitter testing, including a personalized nutritional therapy plan, is incredibly effective. A recent blog post highlights the benefits of scoliosis-specific genetic testing combined with a targeted supplementation program.

testing for a better way to treat scoliosis

In addition, new research based on patients diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis suggests that testing may also be used as a predictor for the onset of scoliosis in children, or severe curve progression in kids with scoliosis. As this research and innovative techniques emerge, the experts at ScoliSMART will do everything they can to ensure your child has all options available to them to improve their whole scoliosis condition and not just the curve.

Life-changing results

Your child’s scoliosis can be treated and managed effectively, using research-driven, non-invasive options. The experts at ScoliSMART have dedicated their lives to helping kids treat their scoliosis without rigid bracing, without surgery, and with as little impact on their “normal” teen life as possible. With a commitment to the ScoliSMART BootCamp, home rehabilitation program, and scoliosis-specific testing and nutritional therapies, your child will experience positive, life-changing results. They will be Stronger Than Scoliosis.

Don’t wait another minute

Connect with our passionate providers at ScoliSMART to learn more about how to treat the whole scoliosis condition and not only the curve. You can schedule a no-cost or obligation phone consultation with a ScoliSMART doctor to consider a non-brace/surgical approach to treating your child’s scoliosis condition. Please contact us today!