Scoliosis treatment options vary, but it’s essential to understand that different methods yield different outcomes. Traditional treatment often involves spinal fusion surgery, while a modern conservative approach aims to treat scoliosis without the risks associated with surgery.

Dr. Mark Morningstar’s ScoliSMART Clinic is located in Grand Blanc, Michigan, a 4-hour drive covering 205 miles from Columbus, OH. Dr. Morningstar has been successfully reducing scoliotic curves non-surgically for over two decades, demonstrating that surgery is not always necessary.

The impact of scoliosis varies among patients, and it’s essential to start by understanding the key characteristics of the condition that shape each patient’s experience.

Grand Blanc, Michigan, a 4-hour drive covering 205 miles from Columbus, OH scoliosis Treatment

Diagnosing and Classifying Scoliosis

The spine’s natural, healthy curves contribute significantly to its overall health, strength, and function. These natural curves enhance the spine’s flexibility and strength.

A treatment approach that aligns with the spine’s natural design, emphasizing flexibility and range of motion, is the focal point of my treatment plans.

Scoliosis is diagnosed when an unnatural sideways and twisting spinal curve develops. Scoliosis is inherently progressive, meaning it tends to worsen over time.

Scoliosis severity ranges from mild to moderate, severe to very severe. The more severe the condition, the more noticeable its effects.

Diagnosis and classification of scoliosis involve considering key patient and condition variables. These variables are patient age, condition type, severity, and curvature location.

Classifying scoliosis conditions not only streamlines treatment but also helps customize effective treatment plans. The most critical decision for scoliosis patients is choosing a treatment approach, as different approaches offer varying potential outcomes.

I emphasize the importance of patients being aware of all available treatment options to avoid being funneled into spinal fusion surgery without knowledge of less invasive, less risky alternatives, such as conservative chiropractic-centered treatment.

For those in the Columbus, OH area seeking non-surgical scoliosis treatment, Dr. Morningstar’s renowned non-surgical approach is accessible within a 4-hour drive spanning just over 200 miles.

Scoliosis Treatment: Traditional vs. Conservative

Two primary scoliosis treatment approaches exist, with traditional treatment being the longer-established option. Let’s begin by examining its limitations.

Traditional scoliosis treatment is outdated, based on the assumption that scoliosis is a 2-dimensional condition when, in reality, it is three-dimensional. Consequently, traditional treatment’s potential is inherently limited.

Traditional treatment lacks a strategy for addressing scoliosis during its mild stages, precisely when treatment should commence due to the condition’s progressive nature.

Under traditional treatment, patients are often advised to “watch and wait” for signs of progression. However, nothing is done to prevent progression or reduce condition severity during this waiting period.

When scoliosis advances to the severe stage, patients become candidates for surgery, typically presented as the best remaining option. Unfortunately, spinal fusion surgery is a costly, time-consuming, and invasive procedure associated with its risks, complications, and side effects.

One of the most significant drawbacks of spinal fusion is its impact on spinal flexibility and range of motion. As the spine’s design is based on movement, a fused spine contradicts its natural functioning.

Patients often experience a significant loss of spinal flexibility, hindering their ability to enjoy activities they once loved. Surgery-related risks may include excessive blood loss, infection, adverse reactions to hardware, and nerve damage.

Fortunately, for those opting to avoid surgery or considering less invasive treatment options, Dr. Morningstar’s non-surgical treatment clinic in Grand Blanc, Michigan, offers a convenient solution.

Columbus Scoliosis Treatment Traditional

Conservative Scoliosis Treatment

Conservative scoliosis treatment strives to preserve as much of the spine’s natural strength and function as possible.

I prioritize working with the spine’s natural design, as well as the brain’s ingrained control of the spine’s musculature, thus steering clear of unnecessary surgical risks. This perspective prompted me to create a comprehensive approach to scoliosis treatment and establish the ScoliSMART Clinic in Grand Blanc, MI.

I am passionate about educating the public on scoliosis prevalence, early detection, and successful non-surgical treatment alternatives. I believe this knowledge offers patients the best possible quality of life.

A conservative approach integrates multiple treatment disciplines to address scoliosis comprehensively. This approach includes scoliosis-specific chiropractic rehabilitation, physical therapy, corrective bracing, and functional medicine.

My primary goal is to reduce the curve structurally, as the underlying nature of scoliosis is structural. I achieve this through a series of rehabilitative techniques and adjustments that can realign the most-tilted vertebrae of the curve with the rest of the spine when successful.

Physical therapy focuses on strengthening the spine’s surrounding muscles, a crucial aspect, as both the spine and its surrounding muscles maintain natural curves and alignment.

Corrective bracing complements other treatments by pushing the spine into a corrected position, particularly effective for growing spines.

Rehabilitation involves a series of custom-prescribed home exercises to help patients establish a rehabilitation program that further stabilizes the spine. My patented ScoliSMART Activity Suit also an excellent exercise device that helps retrain the spine’s muscles to work together in a more coordinate fashion, helping to improve spine alignment.

Patients traveling to Grand Blanc, Michigan’s ScoliSMART Clinic benefit from accessing various scoliosis-specific treatment disciplines under one roof.

Columbus Conservative Scoliosis Treatment


Residents of Columbus, OH, are only a 4-hour drive, covering 205 miles, away from the type of successful non-surgical scoliosis treatment that attracts patients from around the world.

Grand Blanc, MI, home to Dr. Mark Morningstar’s ScoliSMART Clinic, offers not only medical hope but also attractions like Bronner’s in Frankenmuth, exclusive area dining and shopping, and a nearby IMAX theater. Importantly, for those seeking non-surgical scoliosis treatment, it provides hope for individuals diagnosed with this progressive spinal condition.

I am committed to ensuring my patients have the best possible quality of life during and after treatment. People travel from far and wide to access the comprehensive care provided by my team and me.

If you or a loved one has received a scoliosis diagnosis and been advised that surgery is the only option, I encourage you to advocate for yourself by seeking further guidance and support.