Getting diagnosed with scoliosis can be a perplexing experience, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Despite its complexity and various causes, gaining an understanding of the different treatment choices can make non-surgical treatment a viable option.

ScoliSMART Michigan, located just a short 50-minute drive away and less than 30 miles from the metro Detroit area, stands as a premier non-surgical scoliosis treatment center. Dr. Mark Morningstar founded this center, and it has earned a stellar reputation for its expertise in non-surgical scoliosis treatment.

Before delving into the specifics of scoliosis treatment in Detroit, let’s explore some crucial aspects of the condition to better grasp the available treatment options.

the metro Detroit area, stands as a premier non-surgical scoliosis treatment

Scoliosis is a Progressive Condition

Scoliosis is often regarded as complex due to its progressive nature, which means it tends to worsen over time if left untreated or not proactively managed. To effectively plan treatment, it’s essential to classify the condition’s severity using a measurement called the Cobb angle:

  • Mild scoliosis: Cobb angle measurement between 10 and 25 degrees
  • Moderate scoliosis: Cobb angle measurement between 25 and 50 degrees
  • Severe scoliosis: Cobb angle measurement of 50+ degrees
  • Very-severe scoliosis: Cobb angle measurement of 70+ degrees

When diagnosed, a patient’s Cobb angle is determined through X-ray images, where intersecting lines are drawn from the most-tilted vertebrae at their highest point, and the resulting angle is measured in degrees. A higher Cobb angle indicates a more severe condition that is likely to progress. The initial severity does not predict the progression; only treatment results can determine that. If mild scoliosis is left untreated, it can progress to more severe stages. While scoliosis treatment is challenging, it can be approached through two methods: traditional and conservative. Fortunately, Detroit area residents have access to a local scoliosis treatment center.

Traditional Scoliosis Treatment

The traditional approach to treating scoliosis is often referred to as reactive. Instead of initiating treatment shortly after diagnosis, this method involves monitoring the condition for signs of progression. However, since scoliosis is progressive by nature, most cases will inevitably worsen over time. So, why not take a proactive approach?

Applying proactive treatment during the early stages of scoliosis, when the spine is more flexible and responsive to treatment, can yield better results and offer fewer limitations. The traditional response of periodic assessments can be risky, as progression can occur between appointments, making treatment more challenging. Traditional bracing is often used, but it has its limitations.

If scoliosis continues to progress despite bracing and crosses into the severe classification (50+ degrees), it may approach the surgical threshold, leading to spinal fusion recommendations. However, spinal fusion surgery is costly, lengthy, and carries potential risks and side effects while compromising the spine’s natural function.

Fortunately, a non-surgical treatment option with proven results is available for scoliosis patients, especially for those in the Detroit area.

Detroit Traditional Scoliosis Treatment

Benefits of Detroit Scoliosis Treatment

Conservative Scoliosis Treatment

At ScoliSMART Michigan in southeastern Michigan, patients from around the world seek proactive non-surgical scoliosis treatment. For Detroit, MI residents, this means accessible treatment for scoliosis.

Proactive Treatment for Early Detection

Early treatment is crucial for scoliosis. Delaying treatment can lead to more significant problems later. Treating scoliosis in its early stages, while the curve is milder and the spine remains flexible, offers better outcomes.

At ScoliSMART Michigan, a certified practitioner with expertise in various condition-specific treatment methods provides patients with a comprehensive range of treatment options, all in one location. This includes chiropractic care, in-office therapy, personalized home exercises, traditional bracing, and the ScoliSMART Activity Suit, aimed at reducing curvature, enhancing core strength, and stabilizing the spine using the surrounding muscles. Genetic, hormonal, and other functional laboratory testing and targeted scoliosis supplements are also utilized to enhance corrective outcomes, alongside reflexive response exercises to improve brain-body communication, posture, and body positioning.

Detroit  Proactive Scoliosis Treatment


For those seeking scoliosis treatment in the Detroit area, consider a short drive to ScoliSMART Michigan in Grand Blanc, MI. While people from all across the globe travel to receive support and treatment from one of the world’s leading scoliosis chiropractors, Detroit area residents have the convenience of just a few minutes’ drive.

Dr. Mark Morningstar founded this center with the aim of changing the narrative around scoliosis, raising awareness of comprehensive treatment options, emphasizing the importance of early detection, and helping patients avoid invasive surgical procedures.

When dealing with progressive conditions like scoliosis, the best time to start treatment is always now. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a less-invasive non-surgical scoliosis treatment approach.