One of the reasons why more and more children are suffering from scoliosis is they are forced to carry heavy backpacks every day to school. These days, children have to carry several textbooks to school not to mention notebooks, pencils, pens, assorted supplies and snacks. The truth is that if the backpack is too heavy, serious back problems might occur, so it’s no wonder then that more and more kids need a scoliosis exercise program.

Signs of a Heavy Backpack

It’s still not clear if carrying heavy backpacks will cause scoliosis, but what is known is that it will aggravate the condition and worsen their spine curvature. Even if your child is taking up scoliosis reduction exercises, it won’t help if they continue carrying the same heavy backpack.

Here are the signs that your child’s backpack is too heavy.

  • If it weights more then 5% or their body weight
  • They complain of a tingling sensation on their back
  • Their back feels numb
  • Pain is felt when wearing the backpack
  • The child is having trouble putting on and taking off the backpack
  • The child’s posture changes when carrying the backpack (i.e., hunched over)

A heavy backpack forces the child to lean forward, slouching their shoulders and raises their head up. This posture is not normal and will cause shoulder and back pain. If the child already has scoliosis, the additional pressure will compress their spine and increase the curvature. If this has already taken place, then settling for a lighter backpack will not be enough and they’ll need something like the Scoliosis Boot Camp program to reduce the curvature.

The Scoliosis Boot Camp Program

scoliosis boot camp

This is a one to two week program with 5 to 10 day treatments. The patient will receive 4 to 6 hours of treatment every day, and the program is customized so you get the maximum benefits. Available for children and adults, those who complete the program will see their spinal curvature lessened to a significant degree within a short time. Most importantly, this scoliosis exercise will halt the progression without the need for expensive and complicated surgery.

Unlike other treatments for scoliosis that use risky or untested procedures, the Boot Camp exercises are 100% safe. During the course of the treatment, the environmental influences that brought about your child’s scoliosis will be removed and reduced. In addition, the program will treat the spine curvature itself as well as the rib cage hump and improve your child’s physical appearance. By completing this scoliosis reduction program, benefits like improved pulmonary function, elimination or reduction of headaches will be experienced. Back pain will cease and of course, they will get that feeling of self-improvement.

The Scoliosis Bootcamp program is based on a specific reduction protocol of mix, fix and set. The mix component utilizes vibration therapies and stretching to promote curve flexibility and reduce the curve, while the fix component is the “chiropractic adjustment” part that will mobilize the spinal vertebrae. The “set” refers to the rehab program that teaches the brain how to interact with spine once again.