Non-surgical idiopathic scoliosis treatment options prevent the progression of scoliosis and treats the whole scoliosis condition and not only the curve.

Receiving a scoliosis diagnosis for your child is downright scary. Parents feel anxious about determining the best treatment options for their child. Traditional medicine offers three recommendations depending on your child’s spinal curvature, age, and gender; the “wait-and-see” approach, rigid bracing, and surgery.

Innovative non-surgical scoliosis treatment options are available for treating your child’s scoliosis diagnosis.  We approach the scoliosis condition holistically, not only the curve, and we address the entire scoliosis condition. Our technique not only prevents your child’s curve from worsening but in many circumstances, decreases it by using the most current scoliosis rehabilitation and research. ScoliSMART BootCamp is an in-office with a home rehab program that encourages your child to take charge of their scoliosis and provides scoliosis focused testing to determine how their DNA, neurotransmitters, and hormones affect their curve, and what you can do about it with safe and effective scoliosis focused supplements.

Bootcamp scoliosis

What are the drawbacks of traditional treatment for idiopathic scoliosis?

The traditional scoliosis treatment model offer limited options. Spinal fusion or newer “Minimally-invasive” surgery, (is any spinal surgery minimally-invasive?) painful rigid back braces, and lengthy Schroth exercises disrupt that your child’s daily living. Plus, spinal surgery may result in long-term complications and discomfort. Receive recommendations for avoiding surgery sent directly to your email inbox.

These choices also take a toll on adolescents and their families. Swirling hormones, feeling the need to look a certain way, and “fit in” are major concerns for pre-teens. Rigid braces for 18-23 hours per day negatively affects teens. Also, back braces can decrease your child’s torso length, especially as the vertebrae grow. It no wonder kids wear their back brace less than 10% of the recommended time.

What other conservative treatment options for idiopathic scoliosis are available?

  • There is an effective, research-based, non-invasive methods to treat your child’s scoliosis. Innovative techniques including scoliosis-specific exercises, and nutrient therapies prevent further progression. These treatments can also reduce your child’s spinal curvature and are completely safe.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced spine curvature and back pain
  • Avoid rigid back braces or spinal surgery (fusion)
  • Easy and convenient scoliosis exercise program
  • Little to no disruption for your child’s activities
  • Improve your child’s quality of life with scoliosis (limit arthritis and lower back pain)
  • Decrease the likelihood of degenerative scoliosis in adulthood

Scoliosis Treatment for Kids

ScoliSMART treatment programs focus on non-invasive solutions for treating idiopathic scoliosis

The ScoliSMART approach not only prevents your child’s curve from worsening and it can also reduce the curve. This innovative approach includes:

Our treatment plans bolster your child’s independence physically, emotionally, and daily activities. We treat the entire scoliosis condition and not only the curve, which is why we feel it is the best approach for you and your child. Our strategy not only prevents your child’s curve from worsening but it also improves their curvature of the spine, based on the most recent studies. ScoliSMART BootCamp with an at-home treatment program encourages your son or daughter to take charge of their scoliosis.

Scoliosis focused testing explains how your child’s DNA, neurotransmitters, and hormones affect their adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. This is a non-invasive treatment for scoliosis is among the most advanced technology available for your son or daughter. Moreover, recent data finds that scoliosis testing may be used as a risk factor for scoliosis onset in siblings or severe curve progression in children with mild scoliosis. The experts at ScoliSMART will do everything they can to ensure your child has all options available to them to improve their whole scoliosis condition, not only the curve, as this research and innovative techniques continue to improve.

Why ScoliSMART’s approach is the best non-surgical treatment for your child?

Treat your child’s whole scoliosis condition using research-driven, non-invasive options. ScoliSMART experts have dedicated their lives to helping kids treat their scoliosis. These programs do not include rigid bracing or spinal fusion. They have minimal impact on their “normal” teen life. ScoliSMART BootCamp, a home rehabilitation program, scoliosis focused testing, and nutritional therapies, will help your child experience positive, life-changing results. They will be stronger than scoliosis!

Scoliosis Bootcamp for Kids

To learn more about how to treat the whole scoliosis condition and not only the curve, connect with our passionate providers at ScoliSMART. To explore a non-brace/ non-surgical treatment for your child’s scoliosis problem, you may schedule a no-cost Zoom or phone consultation with a ScoliSMART doctor. Please get in touch with us today!

What is a “Scoliosis Boot Camp?”

Fusion surgery for severe scoliosis is without a doubt the most invasive option for scoliosis. Full-time rigid bracing and too many exercises interrupt your kid’s daily life while providing little, long-term curve improvement. This is, nevertheless, a common treatment for kids. We as parents are aware of the possible consequences any of these choices may have on adolescence and adulthood.

Pre-teens have a lot of worries about swirling hormones, which compel them to look a certain way or “fit in.” A teenager’s progress may be completely halted by adding in a restrictive brace that must be worn 18-23 hours per day, as well as time-consuming non-scoliosis-specific chiropractic and physical therapy treatments. A back brace might also impede your youngster’s lung capacity and oxygen flow as they develop.

ScoliSMART doctors designed the ScoliSMART BootCamp program with a strong dedication to your child’s quality of life. The 5-10 day camps combine exercise, physical therapy, and one-on-one consultation to prevent curve progression and actually reduce the spinal curve. They are designed to provide the best results in the least amount of time. Boot Camps also provide teenagers with the self-confidence and independence to carry out a daily home rehabilitation routine that has long-term positive impact.

How a ScoliSMART Boot Camp helps your child’s mild or moderate scoliosis?

Your child’s quality of life is a top priority. The ScoliSMART BootCamp program provides the best results in the least amount of time. The in-office Boot Camp provides pain relief and “retrains” the spinal muscles, creating improved posture. Scoliosis BootCamps improve flexibility in the curved spine by decreasing scoliosis rigidity. ScoliSMART experts work with your child to utilize scoliosis exercise equipment designed to create new muscle memory. Upon Boot Camp completion, you and your child leave with homecare equipment, home treatment recommendations and re-evaluation points. This combination prevents curve progression and reduces spine curvature over time, as well as gives kids the self-confidence, better posture, and self-sufficiency to complete a daily home routine. Kids leave Boot Camp with a sense of control over their condition.

What are results from the Scoliosis Boot Camp program?

The ScoliSMART BootCamp program delivers proven results. In a recent study, 93% of ScoliSMART patients did not reach the surgical threshold after completing the BootCamp program. For 12-year-old Angie, the results were incredible. Staying diligent with BootCamp and home physical therapy exercises is critical. She experienced an 80% reduction in her spine curvature. Her curve changed from 29 degrees to 6 degrees on x-ray! Using evidence-based, non-invasive treatments, your child’s scoliosis may be managed and treated successfully. ScoliSMART experts have spent their careers working with kids, helping to manage their scoliosis without rigid bracing, surgery, and with minimal effect on their everyday life. Your child will experience positive, life-changing results with the ScoliSMART BootCamp, home rehabilitation program, and scoliosis-specific testing with nutritional therapies.

Scoliosis Kids Xray Before and After

How the best treatment options for idiopathic scoliosis include testing and nutrition

The ScoliSMART BootCamps are conservative treatment for kids with scoliosis. The ScoliSMART experts combine scoliosis-specific DNA, hormone, and neurotransmitter testing with a nutritional therapy plan to address many of the underlying “drivers” of the scoliosis curve.

New research also suggests that testing may predict:

  • Early-onset of scoliosis in children without any symptoms of scoliosis, yet
  • Severe curve progression in kids with scoliosis
  • Differential diagnosis between different types of scoliosis

This research highlights the innovative techniques available for kids with scoliosis. ScoliSMART doctors will be sure that your child has access to all options to improve their whole scoliosis condition and not only the spinal curve.

Scoliosis Small Curve Camp for Kids

Online consultation scheduling is available!

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ScoliSMART Clinics is committed to treating the WHOLE scoliosis condition, not only the curve. Genetic & clinical testing with targeted nutrient therapies, expert in-office treatment programs, and the world’s only ScoliSMART Activity Suit provides patients of all ages with the most comprehensive, most effective, and least invasive treatment options available worldwide.