Finding and treating the source of chronic inflammation can reduce chronic pain.

If you’re an adult living with idiopathic scoliosis, chances are you have dealt with pain. The degree of your pain may change daily. One day it’s slight muscle soreness, and the next day? Severe, acute pain that keeps you on the couch all week.

chronic pain

As many as 6 million adults live with scoliosis in the United States alone. Whether it’s idiopathic scoliosis or degenerative scoliosis that’s developed during adulthood, three in four adults with scoliosis experience pain as a result of scoliosis. 

It’s frustrating, especially if you wore a rigid brace as a teenager; or had surgery as an adolescent. Prescription painkillers or over-the-counter pain medications don’t offer a positive, long-term solution. 

Your life does not have to center around the possibility of chronic pain. Research shows that inflammation – not the severity of your spinal curve – causes the most pain for adults with scoliosis.

It’s time to take charge of your pain! Learn the source of your inflammation and develop a treatment plan to stop it. You can reduce chronic scoliosis pain

Types of chronic inflammation

Inflammation is a positive and negative part of the body’s immune response. Acute inflammation occurs after an injury, for example, a minor cut or ankle sprain. Your body’s response – swelling,  bruising – causes acute inflammation, and helps to heal the injury. Positive body response, right?

Chronic inflammation is not so good. When the body tries to “fix” a perceived problem, like an unhealthy digestive system or chronic back pain, your body’s immune response kicks inflammation into high gear. Long-term exposure to this high level of inflammation is unhealthy, and results in chronic pain.

Types of chronic inflammation

Back pain is one of the most talked about symptoms of scoliosis. And rightly so. Chronic back pain is more common for people with scoliosis than the general population. In fact, one study shows that 61% of untreated scoliosis patients reported chronic back pain. The “mechanical” back pain felt by those diagnosed with the scoliosis condition causes inflammation within the spinal muscles. 

Further research concludes that where your pain is located, how often you experience pain, and its severity  is caused by an unbalanced curve pattern. An unbalanced curve pattern means one side of the “S” curve of scoliosis is larger than the other. This “unbalanced” curve shape can cause back pain, and not the size or type of curve. 

The constant pain irritates and inflames the spinal muscle tissues causing chronic inflammation. Inflammation equals pain. Are you looking for solutions to your chronic pain? Take the ScoliQuiz online assessment to see what options best fit your needs. 

Other sources of chronic pain include joint inflammation, and pain caused by compressed nerves in your lower back and legs. Chronic inflammation also includes problems with your digestive system. Food sensitivities and genetic variants can prevent your body from absorbing essential nutrients. 

Data shows that increased levels of histamine can contribute to chronic inflammation. Histamine is a neurotransmitter released within your body as an immune response. This response – caused by environmental factors or genetic variants found in people with scoliosis – can trigger a hypersensitive response from the nervous system.

It’s a daily battle…a constant circle. Your back is sore, which causes you to move differently, which upsets your body’s natural mechanics and causes inflammation. This inflammation causes chronic back pain, which makes you move differently…and the cycle continues.

Solutions to reduce chronic inflammation and pain

Many healthcare professionals promote the use of pain medication and over-the-counter pain relievers. And for some, this is a necessary, short-term need. Yet, a focused effort to relieve all sources of inflammation within your body is more effective and sustainable. This focused approach creates a long-term solution and improves your quality of life. 

Solutions to reduce chronic inflammation and pain

It’s imperative to reduce the chronic inflammation within your body. When inflammation is gone, pain lessens and in some cases, disappears altogether. ScoliSMART’s expert doctors have developed a pain management solution that is all-natural and non-addictive. The ScoliPAX Pain Management formula targets your body’s inflammation source, and not just the pain. This solution includes:

  • ScoliPAIN Extended Relief: Utilizing the inflammation reducing properties of curcumin, the natural ingredient found in turmeric, ScoliPAIN Extended Relief decreases muscle and digestive inflammation.
  • HistaHelper: Designed to decrease histamine levels within the body, HistaHelper reduces pain and allergy symptoms while working to regulate the body’s healthy histamine response.
  • ScoliSoft Tissue Support: Utilizing the TENDOACTIVE® proprietary blend, this advanced formula reduces the tough to reach tendon inflammation.

In addition, ScoliPAIN Plus provides broad spectrum pain relief by reducing inflammation. All-natural and non-addictive, this specific, organic formula is exclusive to ScoliSMART and targets multiple sources of inflammation at the same time. It is the perfect complement to a comprehensive anti-inflammatory pain reduction program.

Living with scoliosis doesn’t mean that you have to live with constant chronic pain. The first step to managing chronic pain is to understand where it comes from, and most likely? It’s caused by chronic inflammation in your body. When you reduce inflammation, you reduce pain. When pain is reduced, you can live your best life with scoliosis!

Take charge of your pain.

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Be Stronger than Scoliosis!

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