While the curve is the most visible symptom, there’s more contributing to scoliosis beyond the curve.

The Curve. The telltale sign of scoliosis…a sometimes slight, but noticeable curvature of the spine. Yet, many children and adults with scoliosis experienced a lot of “unseen” symptoms related to scoliosis.

Chronic pain.
Body image disorders.

scoliosis beyond the curve.

There is so much more to the condition called “scoliosis” than what can be seen on an x-ray, and it’s imperative that your doctor considers, acts on, and then treats the whole scoliosis condition beyond the only “visible” symptom, the spinal curve. Scoliosis treatment so far has focused on preventing curve progression versus understanding and treating why the curve happened in the first place.

In fact, the latest research shows that your genetic makeup and neurotransmitter health plays an important role in developing scoliosis. In turn, genetic, neurotransmitter, hormone, and bone health testing and subsequent treatment can significantly improve your spinal curvature, and just as importantly, address the not-so-visible symptoms of scoliosis.

When you treat the whole scoliosis condition and not only the curve, the results can be life-changing!

The latest genetic research.

An essential part of your body’s scoliosis condition is found in your genetic makeup. The most recent research, led by ScoliSMART doctors, has discovered that there are 28 genetic variant markers typically found in children and adults with scoliosis. This ground-breaking research has changed the fundamental understanding of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

Genetic variants act like scratches on a record; these genetic interruptions affect the genes’ performance and disrupt the production, conversion, and metabolism (breaking down) of key neurotransmitters and hormones within the body. In turn, these “scratches” are what tell your spine to curve, especially during adolescence or other moments of significant body changes (menopause, for example.)

Scratches in DNA record

In addition, genetic variant patterns have a catastrophic effect on your physical, mental and emotional ability to grow, adapt and develop normally during periods of rapid growth. Let’s face it – adolescence can be a challenging time for kids both mentally and physically; add in a scoliosis diagnosis, and the changes happening to their body, their hormones, and emotional health can increase exponentially.

Research also shows that patients who have scoliosis, as well as depression, anxiety, and/or ADHD, may all be linked to common genetic variant patterns. What does this mean? Each of the genetic “scratches” affects multiple body systems, resulting in different – yet still genetically linked – conditions. This doesn’t mean that they are linked to each other directly, but instead, a common genetic variant may cause both. For example, both ice cream sales and drowning accidents increase in the summer; both are related to summer, but one does not cause the other.

Teens with scoliosis are overwhelmed with multiple challenges at a critical time in their growth; not only are they dealing with the angst of becoming a teenager, but they must also navigate the potential body issues, depression, anxiety, and hormone changes that are part of their genetic makeup.

Research supports hope.

ScoliSMART’s cutting-edge research has prompted innovative solutions and positive outcomes for children and adults who have scoliosis. Not only do their expert staff treat the spinal curvature, but they are incredibly focused on treating the whole person, including the mental and emotional symptoms associated with scoliosis.

The first step in helping yourself or your child? Genetic testing is specific to scoliosis. Thorough, scoliosis-specific genetic testing is key to overcoming scoliosis and other symptoms related to the 28 common genetic variants found in people with scoliosis. Taken from the comfort of your home, a saliva sample is collected and sent in for testing. Each sample is kept 100% private and once tested, provides results with 99.9% accuracy. In addition, ScoliSMART works with you to read and understand the scoliosis-specific report that details the genetic variants present in you or your child’s genetic makeup.

Once testing is complete and results are analyzed, ScoliSMART experts work with you and your family to develop a plan that is unique to your scoliosis condition. All-natural nutrient therapy, including neurotransmitter, hormone, and bone supplementation, as well as the ScoliSMART BootCamp program and/or actively wearing the ScoliSMART Activity Suit (SAS) can be recommended. These options can potentially reduce curvature and positively affect the emotional needs of you or your child.

These hope-filled opportunities, that treat the root cause of your scoliosis and not only the curve, can produce life-changing results. Results that don’t include rigid bracing or surgery and work to relieve the anxiety and pain (physical and emotional) that can derail you or your child. ScoliSMART doctors and staff are passionate about treating the whole scoliosis condition and not only the curve. They are dedicated to solutions that ease pain, prevent anxiety, and improve self-image.

Scoliosis affects the whole body

It’s about so much more than the curve!

Be stronger than scoliosis! Visit the ScoliSMART website and complete a short, online assessment to learn more about the ScoliSMART Approach’s non-invasive solutions. Start right now and make the choice to treat the whole scoliosis condition and not only the curve!