A 30-minute exercise program will improve your body image and your overall quality of life.

Thanks to our guest blogger this month, Amy Nelson, co-founder of ExecLevel Wellness and Scoliosis Warrior. 

There is more to the scoliosis condition than just the curve. Chronic pain, depression, body image issues…the unseen symptoms of living with scoliosis can be just as challenging as what you can see on an x-ray.

Your body image, and more importantly, your concerns about body image can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. In fact, research shows that body image directly affects your overall quality of life. When you have scoliosis, it can be a constant concern, especially if you were diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager.

Will people notice something “different” about my body? If they do, how will they react?

When scoliosis negatively impacts your feelings about your body, this can get mixed in with how you feel about yourself. And how you feel about yourself can impact how you live your life. Get recommendations for living to your fullest potential with scoliosis.

The best way to improve your body image and your life? Developing a consistent exercise program. Just 30 minutes of a daily fitness routine can improve your body image and as a result, help you live your best life with scoliosis.

How exercise helps you along your scoliosis journey.

There are many well-known benefits of exercise. It can improve your mood, promote better sleep, boost energy and help you lose weight. Research has proven over and over again that at least 30 minutes of exercise every day helps you fight disease and live a longer and healthier life.

But, depending on your scoliosis journey, exercise may not be a regular part of your day. Rigid bracing or scoliosis surgery as a child may have stopped you from being active or enjoying the benefits of exercise. Chronic pain can deter you from trying different types of exercise or from developing a consistent fitness routine.

Maybe you were bullied and made to feel “different” because of scoliosis. Depression and anxiety contribute to low self-esteem, and all of these things can discourage you. Getting off the couch and going for a walk or going to the gym and working out in public can be overwhelming when you’re struggling with your mental health.

Exercise is essential. Exercise will not only improve your body image, but in the majority of cases, minimize feelings of depression and decrease pain. Exercise will have a positive impact on your body image and as a result, your quality of life. You don’t have to run marathons or become a professional bodybuilder. Core strengthening exercises, yoga and walking for 20-30 minutes a day can make a significant difference in your life.

Exercise improves body image.

In the conversation about exercise and body image, it’s important to remember that ANY kind of exercise and body movement is significant. Walking 10 minutes each day for one person can be just as significant as the 30-minute core strengthening class at the gym.

When you move your body, something changes. You tend to eat healthier and make choices that improve your overall health. When you start taking care of yourself, the negative self-image and low self-esteem transforms into self-confidence. You develop a more positive view of yourself and your body.

You begin to realize that your scoliosis and how you feel about your body does not affect:

  •         Your strengths
  •         Your talents
  •         Your personality
  •         Your spirit!

We get it – sometimes it’s hard to disconnect between WHO you are and WHAT your body looks like, especially when you have spent years managing your scoliosis.

Again, research shows that women who work out improve their body image significantly, compared to those who did not exercise. In fact, the result was almost immediate and lasted for a minimum of 20 minutes after exercise. Women began to see themselves differently – within a relatively short period of time – and it positively affected their mood.

Evidence also suggests that exercise improves body image, even though your weight and shape don’t necessarily change. Just 30 minutes each day can have a significant impact on how you view yourself, even when your body looks the same.

What you need to start your personal exercise program and improve your body image.

Now is the time! Take control of your life and become stronger than scoliosis by beginning your own personal workout program.

First, believe that every positive change makes a difference…even the “small” changes. When you believe in yourself, you do the things you say you’re going to do.

  •         You show up for yourself,
  •         Put in the work
  •         Meet your challenges, and
  •         Get those WINS!

Make the choice, right now, to believe that you can make positive changes in your life.

Next, work through your barriers to exercise. Chronic pain, for example, can be a significant challenge when you have scoliosis. The family of experts at ScoliSMART are dedicated to treating the whole scoliosis condition and not only the curve. They are passionate about helping you live your best life with scoliosis and will work with you to understand and treat your specific challenges that prevent you from exercising.

After that, sample different exercise options to find your best fit. A well-rounded fitness program can help your body be functionally strong and able to perform typical tasks, like carrying heavy groceries or picking up a 40 lb. bag of dog food. Consider exercises that target strength, endurance and stamina, flexibility and mobility and molecular wellness.  Maybe a walk around the block is your starting point; maybe active stretching or simple yoga poses feel right for you. ScoliSMART offers an Adult BootCamp program that combines core strengthening and scoliosis-specific exercises that create new and improved posture memory. This can reduce pain, improve balance and posture and prevent further curve progression.

Finally, and most importantly, celebrate your wins! Was your first day of exercise a 10-minute stretching routine? Fantastic! Tomorrow you can try a 10-minute walk. Maybe it’s as simple as choosing to move during the afternoon instead of sitting on the couch.

Whatever positive change you make, celebrate! You are worth it! Every small step you take will have a significant impact on your quality of life.

Improving your body image will improve your quality of life.

As you develop your fitness routine, note the impact it has on your body image. Enjoy the positive changes that come with moving your body and taking time for yourself.

When you spend only 30 minutes, every day, on your exercise program, you will change how you feel about your body image and as a result, significantly improve your quality of life.

Don’t let scoliosis be a barrier. You are stronger than scoliosis!   

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