Backed by scientific research, specific nutrition for idiopathic scoliosis impacts curve progression and positively affects the scoliosis condition.

Nutritional support for idiopathic scoliosis can be contradictory and confusing, with healthcare providers, online searches, and even well-meaning friends sharing information on “the best” nutritional options for you or your child’s scoliosis condition. It’s overwhelming – whether you’re a parent whose child was recently diagnosed with scoliosis, or an adult who has lived with scoliosis your whole life, sifting through how nutrition fits into your personal journey with scoliosis can be exhausting.

Scoliosis Supplemental Nutrition

Why do diet and nutrition matter for scoliosis?

Developing a scientifically supported nutritional support plan for scoliosis is an important part of fighting your condition. When nutrition becomes part of your everyday routine – part of your lifestyle living with scoliosis – the benefits can be seen almost immediately. From pain reduction to preventing spinal curve progression, a personalized nutrition plan can be the difference-maker for you or your child.

ScoliSMART provides a scoliosis nutrition solution that’s simple, convenient, and effective for you or your child living with the scoliosis condition. Their science-based nutritional testing, recommendations, and products have been tested, researched, and published in multiple studies and journals. Dedicated and passionate about providing results for children and adults with idiopathic scoliosis, the doctors of ScoliSMART have created the world’s first clinical testing and nutrient therapy program for idiopathic scoliosis that’s based on scientific data collection, research, and published peer-reviewed studies.

Scientifically-supported nutrition that leads to positive results.

The impact of nutrition on your body cannot be overstated; virtually everyone agrees that diet and nutrition play a huge role in your health and most certainly influences the overall course of the disease process. Applying the concept of functional medicine to the scoliosis condition, and remaining consistent with the scientific method, ScoliSMART doctors have developed the first general daily scoliosis nutrition pill packs for kids/teens and adults with idiopathic scoliosis.


Until now, much of the information found on scoliosis nutrition research was anecdotal and could be contradictory and confusing. Patients have been told for years that outside of rigid bracing or surgery, there is almost nothing that you can do to treat scoliosis.

The lack of scientific data to support the impact of nutrition on scoliosis was simply not available, or those who had attempted to provide nutritional support for scoliosis rarely conducted scientific data collection to substantiate and publish their findings. In order to better serve their patients, ScoliSMART conducted hours of scientific-based research, monitoring patients’ bone density and overall bone health, neurotransmitter function, and response to nutritional therapies, immersing themselves in the study of nutritional support for scoliosis.

Their research findings have been peer-reviewed and published; specifically, the impact of bone health testing and neurotransmitter testing, combined with appropriate nutrient support and including the positive response obtained from this innovative combination. The results have been significant, and when combined with the appropriate therapy, resulted in lessening curvature and pain reduction. These findings lead them to develop innovative nutrient therapies based on an individual’s specific test results, as well as collective data on scoliosis patients.

In addition, ScoliSMART doctors discovered the impact of genetic variants on scoliosis. Their team of doctors authored the only multi-genetic variant study ever published on idiopathic scoliosis, adding more than 60 peer-reviewed and independently published clinical trials and studies relating to scoliosis and treatment outcomes.

Nutritional recommendations specific to scoliosis, and supported by rigorous, science-based research is why parents and patients, like yourself, trust the experts at ScoliSMART.

Nutritional support that’s backed by science and delivers results.

With a plethora of data and scientifically proven information available, ScoliSMART doctors combined their knowledge, as well as feedback from patients to develop a scoliosis nutrition plan that’s simple to follow, convenient, and works specifically for you. If you’re a parent whose child has been diagnosed with scoliosis, or an adult that is living with scoliosis, you have the choice to ensure nutrition and nutrient therapy is a part of your treatment.

Their brand of ScoliPAX nutrition for either kids/teens or adults was developed to provide the needed nutrients that have been scientifically shown to be lacking in people with scoliosis. The ScoliPAX proprietary blend is the only daily scoliosis nutrition pack available that’s based entirely on scientific discovery and collective research. These essential therapies are all-natural, non-addictive, and available without the need for clinical testing. Best of all? It’s a simple, convenient, and scientifically proven way to provide your child, or yourself with nutritional support for scoliosis.

Your health and nutrition are a top priority for the experts at ScoliSMART, who are dedicated to treating the whole scoliosis condition, not only the curve. Ensuring your body’s nutritional needs are met is a critical piece of your scoliosis diagnosis and one that can provide immediate and positive results.

Your health and nutrition are a top priority for the experts at ScoliSMART, who are dedicated to treating the whole scoliosis condition, not only the curve. Ensuring your body’s nutritional needs are met is a critical piece of your scoliosis diagnosis and one that can provide immediate and positive results.

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