Scoliosis can be a complex condition to receive a diagnosis for, but it need not be so. While it exhibits significant variability and has multifaceted origins, comprehensive comprehension of available treatment approaches can put effective non-surgical treatment well within one’s reach.

Residents of Miami, Florida, are just a 3-hour drive, covering 200 miles, away from accessing world-renowned non-surgical scoliosis treatment provided by Dr. Mark Morningstar at the ScoliSMART Clinic in Grand Blanc, MI. This clinic has established itself as a leading facility for non-surgical scoliosis treatment.

Before delving into the specifics of scoliosis treatment in Traverse City, it is essential to explore key characteristics of the condition, which will aid in understanding the diverse treatment options.

Traverse City Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis is a Progressive Condition

One of the reasons why scoliosis is frequently regarded as intricate or perplexing is due to its progressive nature. This means that scoliosis tends to deteriorate over time, especially if it is left untreated or not treated proactively.

Progression in scoliosis involves the abnormal sideways curvature of the spine increasing in magnitude. This progression severity plays a crucial role in devising effective treatment plans.

The Cobb angle measurement is employed to categorize scoliosis into mild, moderate, severe, or very severe conditions:

  • Mild scoliosis: Cobb angle measurement of 10 to 25 degrees
  • Moderate scoliosis: Cobb angle measurement of 25 to 40 degrees
  • Severe scoliosis: Cobb angle measurement of over 40 degrees
  • Very-severe scoliosis: Cobb angle measurement exceeding 80 degrees

The Cobb angle is determined through X-ray imaging, involving the drawing of intersecting lines from the apex of the most-tilted vertebrae at the top and bottom of the spinal curve. The resulting angle is quantified in degrees.

Higher Cobb angles correspond to more severe conditions, and these are more likely to continue progressing.

As a progressive condition, the initial severity of scoliosis at the time of diagnosis does not predict its future state. Only the outcome of treatment can determine that.

Even if someone is initially diagnosed with mild scoliosis, without effective treatment, it can progress to become moderate, severe, or very severe.

The significant variability of scoliosis is another factor contributing to the challenge of its treatment. However, there are multiple approaches to addressing this complex condition. For residents of Traverse City, an exceptional scoliosis treatment center is just a 3-hour drive away.

There are two primary scoliosis treatment approaches to consider: traditional and conservative.

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Traditional Scoliosis Treatment

Traditional scoliosis treatment is often described as reactive because it focuses on observing and waiting for signs of further progression rather than initiating treatment as soon as possible after diagnosis.

The issue with this approach is that scoliosis is progressive by nature, and virtually every case is expected to worsen at some point. Therefore, it makes sense to adopt a proactive stance.

Why not begin proactive treatment early in the progression of the condition? Why not address scoliosis when it is in its mildest form, when the spine is more flexible and responsive to treatment, and when there are fewer limitations on what can be achieved?

Under the traditional approach, periodic assessments are scheduled to monitor progression. However, the risk lies in the fact that progression can occur between these assessments, making it more challenging to treat as the scoliotic curve has been allowed to progress unchecked.

The only form of treatment applied in the traditional approach is typically traditional bracing, which has several limitations.

If a patient’s condition continues to progress despite bracing and crosses the 45+ degree threshold, they approach the surgical level, often leading to a recommendation for spinal fusion.

Spinal fusion is a costly, invasive procedure associated with potential risks and side effects that does not preserve the spine’s natural function.

Fortunately, there is another non-surgical treatment option with proven results. For those in the Traverse City area, this treatment is just a 3-hour drive away.

Traverse City Traditional Scoliosis Treatment

Conservative Scoliosis Treatment

At the ScoliSMART Clinic in Grand Blanc, MI, patients from around the world seek non-surgical scoliosis treatment, making it accessible to residents of Traverse City, Michigan, who are only 200 miles away.

Unlike the traditional approach, which emphasizes observation and waiting, the conservative approach prioritizes proactive treatment initiated as soon as possible after diagnosis.

While there are no guarantees in treatment outcomes, early detection offers numerous benefits. However, these benefits can only be realized if the diagnosis is met with proactive treatment.

Scoliosis is easier to treat when the curve is smaller, before spinal rigidity increases alongside progression, and before the body adapts to its presence.

At the ScoliSMART Clinic, treatment plans are customized to address multiple aspects of the condition. The primary goal is to achieve a reduction in the curvature since scoliosis is a structural condition.

Dr. Mark Morningstar, certified in various scoliosis-specific treatment modalities, provides patients with access to a wide range of treatment options, each offering unique advantages, all conveniently available under one roof.

By combining condition-specific chiropractic rehabilitation, in-office BootCamp therapy, individually prescribed home exercises, the patented ScoliSMART Activity Suit, functional lab and genetic testing, and corrective bracing when necessary, the Clinic works toward reducing the curvature while enhancing core strength for optimal spinal support.

Corrective bracing complements results achieved through other forms of treatment by realigning the spine into a corrective position. Additionally, specific scoliosis-specific exercises (SSEs) are known to activate specific areas of the brain, improving brain-body communication, postural remodeling, and body positioning.

Traverse City Conservative Scoliosis Treatment


For residents in need of scoliosis treatment in Traverse City, consider traveling just 200 miles to reach the ScoliSMART Clinic in Grand Blanc, MI. People from around the world seek support, guidance, and treatment from Dr. Mark Morningstar, the world’s leading scoliosis research author and chiropractor. For Traverse City residents, this world-class clinic is only a 3-hour drive away.

Dr. Mark Morningstar founded this clinic with the goal of reshaping the narrative surrounding scoliosis, spreading awareness of diverse treatment options, emphasizing the importance of early detection, and helping patients avoid invasive surgical procedures.

For individuals seeking a non-invasive, non-surgical approach to scoliosis treatment, reaching out is a proactive step, especially when dealing with a progressive condition like scoliosis. The best time to begin treatment is always now.