Live Your Best Life With Scoliosis“Living your best life” means different things to different people. Maybe it’s finding a job you love or being able to stay home when your children are little. In an article in Psychology Today, the top 10 list of things that calm people do include staying active, treating themselves kindly, and cutting other people some slack.
When you have scoliosis, it may seem like living your best life with scoliosis is a bit out of reach. But what you and everyone who wants to live their best and most calm life have in common is choice. You have a choice!

  • To live with less pain or without pain
  • To enjoy a healthy lifestyle
  • To receive positive, emotional support from others on the same scoliosis journey

Our passion for treating the whole scoliosis condition and not only the curve means giving you choices and options for living your best life with scoliosis. We want to empower you to live without fear or boundaries…with absolute determination to enjoy your life as much as possible. Our purpose is to empower you to be stronger than scoliosis and experience life-changing, positive results.

How can you live your best life with scoliosis?

Based on research and data collected through years of working with people with scoliosis, we have found three essential recommendations/treatments that adults with scoliosis can do to improve their quality of life: using safe and effective natural pain management, maintaining an active lifestyle, and receiving emotional support from others who are experiencing the positive results of a life well-lived.

Live with less pain – naturally.

The negative side effects of both over-the-counter and prescription pain medication are well documented. From stomach issues to addiction, regular, long-term use of pain medication can create unwanted and sometimes serious side effects.

For most people living with scoliosis, pain can be the biggest barrier to living your best life.
Because of this, we have dedicated decades of research to develop a safe, effective, and natural way to address pain caused by scoliosis. Our experts within the pain management field have developed a scoliosis-specific supplement that balances the highest level of all-natural ingredients to effectively reduce pain caused by your scoliosis. Utilizing more than 1,500 milligrams of natural de-inflammation ingredients including two forms of curcumin, the newly formulated ScoliPAIN Plus is the only supplement of its kind.

These pain-reducing ingredients are specifically blended to work together for maximized effectiveness without the danger of addiction or negative drug interaction. In addition, there is no long-term risk or damage to your organs, specifically the liver and kidneys. ScoliPAIN Plus is specifically formulated for safe and effective pain management of long-term, chronic scoliosis pain.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Along with all-natural pain management, an active lifestyle is essential for living a healthy life and keeps you and your body moving in a positive, forward motion. There is no doubt that exercise of any kind whether it’s training at the gym, yoga, or walking around the block, offers tremendous physical and mental health benefits. Studies have shown that simply walking only 30 minutes a day creates an increase in cardiovascular health, strengthens bones, and boosts energy and metabolism.

When you have scoliosis, you may feel like your ability to exercise is hampered because of pain, or the self-conscious fear of working out with others. Personal training, Adult Boot Camp, and other rehabilitation programs, specifically working with people who have scoliosis, are available to jump-start your healthy living goals.

A personal workout/rehabilitation device does exist. ScoliSMART has developed the ScoliSMART Activity Suit (SAS) that is specifically designed to help reduce pain and, in most cases, reduce curvature while being active – specifically, walking. Its patented design uses tension and your body’s natural motion to retrain your brain, and subsequently, your muscles, to help improve posture, decrease curvature and allow you to exercise on a regular basis.

Using the unique SAS in partnership with the experts from ScoliSMART can not only improve your scoliosis condition but contribute to living your best life with scoliosis, through regular, pain-free exercise.

Be empowered through emotional support

There are days, and then there are “those” days…when getting out of bed isn’t only a physical chore, but a mental test as well. When you have scoliosis, it can feel like you’re going through this all alone. It may feel like no one wants to hear you talk one more time about the back pain you have after a day at work, or about your daughter’s dance recital you had to miss because sitting in the auditorium chair is incredibly uncomfortable. You’re not alone, and when you can talk with people about these trials and all the other challenges that come with your scoliosis condition, it doesn’t feel so lonely.

The emotional support you receive from others experiencing the same situations and questions with scoliosis is priceless. Support from peers can have a positive impact on both your mental and physical health. The Scoliosis Warriors Facebook group provides a platform to ask questions, talk about challenges and hear from others about what they do to get through their days. This type of online community can bring a sense of belonging that is essential to living your best life, providing a “family” of people who understand the good, the bad, and the ugly of scoliosis. Sometimes having someone sympathize with the missed opportunities or provide support and encouragement to “push through” the bad days can make all the difference.

How to live your best life with scoliosis!

Start today…don’t wait another minute. When you partner with the passionate and caring experts at ScoliSMART, you will live your best life. With all-natural pain management of long-term scoliosis pain through their ScoliPAIN Plus supplement, a well-developed exercise routine that includes scoliosis-specific exercises and the SAS as the perfect daily walking companion, and a group of like-minded individuals to lean on for support and encouragement, your best life with scoliosis is waiting for you. Empower yourself to become Stronger than Scoliosis!