Do Orthopedic Specialists Support the
ScoliSMART Approach?

We hope to foster and support an environment of mutual cooperation among patients, parents, and all healthcare professionals without making parents/patients feel torn or alienated while making treatment decisions. Halting further curve progression and preventing the need for surgical intervention are common treatment goals shared by all treatment efforts and our approach is no exception. In addition, our approach attempts to

  • improved breathing capacity
  • increase core stability
  • improve neurological control of spinal alignment
  • decrease spinal rotation
  • focuses on other key quality of life concerns (now and in the future) of patients and parents
  • Improved posture and cosmetic appearance

Why Hasn't My Doctor Mentioned the ScoliSMART Approach as a Treatment Option?

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Many doctors simply don’t know about new options for scoliosis and believe that bracing and surgery are the only way to treat the scoliosis condition. The truth is there are more options than you might think.

How the ScoliSMART Approach Improves upon the Traditional Treatment Model

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ScoliSMART exercises and Activity Suit replaces full time bracing and in some cases where surgery is needed, vertebral body tethering replaces traditional rod fusion. This updated pathway is less invasive and yields better outcomes for patients overall.

How will your child benefit from the ScoliSMART Approach?

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Can You Work Together with My Orthopedic Specialist?

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ScoliSMART doctors are happy to provide your orthopedic specialist with information and clinical studies regarding our approach to scoliosis treatment.

Supporting Research & Studies About Scoliosis & the ScoliSMART Approach

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ScoliSMART doctors have published nearly 50 independent peer-reviewed research studies that include short, intermediate, and long-term success rates, as well as scoliosis genetics, post-fusion pain, and our groundbreaking neurotransmitter discoveries.

Do ScoliSMART Clinics Perform VBT Procedures?

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While non-surgical treatment is always preferred, ScoliSMART doctors do support VBT procedures and in the rare instance our approach fails to halt progression or your child doesn’t qualify for ScoliSMART we will refer to one of these specialists.

What If the ScoliSMART Approach Doesn't Work for My Child?

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ScoliSMART doctors have developed close working relationships with top orthopedic surgeons skilled in fusionless surgeries like VBT and scoliosis tethering and never hesitate to refer a patient who’s not responding to conservative treatment.