Why Do People Travel to ScoliSMART Clinics?

Treating scoliosis is definitely a journey and in many cases, that includes an actual journey. We certainly acknowledge the additional challenges of time, money, school/work, and family logistics of traveling to one of our ScoliSMART clinic locations for treatment, and we are fully committed to making the treatment experience and results worth the trip! Our 5 and 10-day treatment plans are designed to “jump-start” curve reduction, pain reduction, and allow patients to “perfect” a rehab program that will help them stabilize long-term treatment improvements.

Is Traveling to a ScoliSMART Clinic Necessary for Treatment?

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Our comprehensive approach is not available anywhere else which makes traveling for most patients necessary. Our scoliosis treatment centers provide an overall treatment experience that will have a positive impact on your child.

How the ScoliSMART Approach Works to Improve Curvature, Not Just Manage Progression

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The ScoliSMART approach was created to treat the whole scoliosis condition to help patients improve their curvature, not to just manage worsening. Our program is designed to encourage correction naturally.

How will your child benefit from the ScoliSMART Approach?

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Is the Same Treatment Offered at Each Clinic?

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While each clinic location has its own office procedures and policies, All of the ScoliSMART Clinics provide the same comprehensive treatment approach and services.

Should My Child Continue Orthopedic Care Following Treatment?

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ScoliSMART doctors support and encourage patients to continue their orthopedic care and will provide details of your child’s treatment plan and x-rays to ensure continuity of care for maximum results.

What About Scoliosis Fusion Surgery?

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While not every case is appropriate for the ScoliSMART approach, we highly encourage parents and patients to consider all non-surgical treatment options first.