ScoliSMART Small Curve Camp is a 5-day program for kids with curves under 25º

What do all large spinal curvatures have in common?

They all started out as smaller curves. The ScoliSMART Small Curve Camp uses our proactive approach to treating scoliosis which significantly increases your chance of avoiding invasive spinal procedures in the future.

DNA & Neurotransmitter testing (independent of in-office programs)
Accelerated in-office program to jumpstart home scoliosis exercise routine
Innovative ScoliSMART Activity Suit recommended

Reduce or eliminate the curve
Early-stage scoliosis intervention

Our doctors will provide detailed timelines, homecare protocols, and treatment goals empowering parents and children. This can significantly decrease the risk of developing moderate to severe spinal deformity. In most cases, early intervention using Small Curve BootCamp will significantly reduce or even eliminate the risk of progression while reducing existing mild scoliosis often to single digits.

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit
A new approach for treating scoliosis

The patented ScoliSMART Activity Suit is a lightweight neoprene support that works with your body’s natural movements. This creates new muscle memory while actively reducing and stabilizing your child’s scoliosis. Unlike rigid scoliosis braces, the ScoliSMART Activity Suit has been designed through advanced engineering and human biomechanical analysis. This innovative design both stimulates and engages deep-layer spinal muscles while you perform the normal activities of daily living.

Scoliosis Camp At-Home Rehabilitation Plan
Continuing the scoliosis journey

Scoliosis cannot be fully treated in only 5 days of treatment. The at-home rehabilitation plan following the ScoliSMART BootCamp program is a critical part of any patient’s long-term success. At the end of the Scoliosis BootCamp, each patient is provided a complete home rehab program with detailed instructions. The support doesn’t end there – all participants receive re-evaluation and “Boost Program” options for continued treatment.

What happens at Camp?

Improve curve flexibility

Deep muscle massage

Painless joint therapy

Core stability retraining

Scoliosis Braces

Dynamic posture memory retraining

Our patients are determined to be Stronger Than Scoliosis!

Read patient in-clinic treatment stories and see their progress.

13 yr. old Kiara’s story

For me, ScoliSMART places emphasis on using the body to help scoliosis.” Vanessa M. [Kiara's mother]

10 yr. old Madeline’s story

“The orthopedic suggested she would have to wear the Boston Brace 23 hours a day for 4-5 years. We were not satisfied with that as an option.” Kim T. [Madeline's mother]

15 yr. old Bethany’s story

“They cared about Bethany’s personal needs... the staff was loving and friendly.” Edna B. [Bethany’s mother]

Find a better way to treat mild scoliosis:

Early Stage Scoliosis

Genetic Testing

Back Brace

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“After one day of treatment she was literally bouncing around and smiling - she was like a totally different kid.”

Bill, Emily's Dad

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“ScoliSMART BootCamp can change your child's life forever.”

Dr. Clayton J. Stitzel, DC

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