Scoliosis is a life long journey.... and YOU are on it. Choose your path wisely!

If you are an adult living with scoliosis, you already know it is a condition that affect far more than just your spine.  It affects your entire life.

How will testing guided nutritional therapies help you live your best life with scoliosis?


I can't believe I've been living my whole life without this vital genetic information about myself. It all makes sense now

Recommended for adults with idiopathic scoliosis

FACT: Patients with 14 or more of the 28 genetic variants for scoliosis were 33% more likely to develop severe scoliosis.

Medical Research Archives
Vol.7 Issue 9, September 2019

Scoliosis DNA Testing
The experts at ScoliSMART have discovered 28 genetic variants within a person’s genetic DNA that predict if you will develop scoliosis and if you are at risk for severe curve progression. Genetic testing uncovers the hidden genetic factors that may be responsible for the condition and provides non-drug nutrient therapy recommendations intended to reduce the negative affects these genetic variants have on the scoliosis condition.


I often wondered if my hormones were out of whack, but I had no idea is had such a huge impact on my scoliosis too.

Recommended for adults with idiopathic scoliosis

Hormones are well-known to increase the rate of severe scoliosis progression due to their impacts on abnormal bone growth and biomechanical factors.

Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 2017

Hormone Testing

Scoliosis development and curve progression are related to periods of rapid growth in adolescent patients, particularly with the introduction of estrogen in female patients. This testing will identify imbalances and provide non-drug nutrient therapy recommendations based off test results.


I had no idea my neurotransmitters were out of balance - or that they could have an effect on my scoliosis.

Recommended for adults with idiopathic scoliosis

Neurotransmitter imbalances were present in patients with severe scoliosis almost 85% of the time

Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics
Vol.8 No.3, September 2018

Neurotransmitter Testing

Current clinical data strongly suggest monitoring neurotransmitter imbalances could be utilized as a quick, effective, and non-invasive way of predicting curve progression during adolescent growth. Testing guided non-drug nutrient therapies have demonstrated significantly improved treatment results when combine with the Scoliosis BootCamp program. Patients often report improved energy levels, mood, and quality of sleep when neurotransmitter levels are properly balanced.


My mother had scoliosis too and I was scared to death of ending up hunched over like her. Now I can monitor and maintain my bone health non-invasively.

Recommended for adults with idiopathic scoliosis

Postmenopausal females with scoliosis are at a much higher risk of osteoporosis of the hip compared to age-matched controls.

Spine 2011; Apr 20;36(9):737-40.

Bone Health Testing

Bone development in patients with idiopathic is the most researched aspect of the condition.  Research suggests specific genetic variants may lead to poor bone development during the adolescent growth years.  This testing will measure the rate of bone metabolism and provide non-drug nutrient therapy recommendations based off test results.


I have all of these unexplained symptoms. Fatigue, chronic pain across my whole body. Now I finally know why and what I can do about it.

Recommended for adults with surgical hardware

Results showed that metal ions in all the selected organ tissues and blood clearly showing corrosion of the implant

Ana Bioanal Chem. 2009;393:335-343

Surgical Implant Metals Testing

Exposure to metal surgical hardware can lead to health problems in sensitive patients. Clinical lab testing can positively identify elevated levels of these surgical metals circulating through the bloodstream, which may be a risk factor for developing allergic reactions. This test looks at the circulating blood levels of the six metals that are most commonly associated with metal surgical implants.

What does living your best life with scoliosis really mean?

If you are an adult living with scoliosis, you already know it is a condition that affects far more than just your spine. It affects your entire life. We’ve created treatment options that can be used alone or in combination to alleviate pain and let you live your best life with scoliosis.

Hormones and Scoliosis
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Neurotransmitters and Scoliosis
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Genetic Testing for Scoliosis
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